Chest Quest Update – Jan 12th 2015

Hey guys,

It has been far far faaarrrr too long since I last gave you guys an update on ‘Chest Quest’. Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@maxpears) will of seen some updates.

Great news guys I have gone to Alpha!! Check it out here

Now what does this mean Alpha? it means that I have now fished the 6 of 12 levels for my game (These levels are not final and will be subject to change for the better of their improvements). Everything in the game I need is in there! There will be some more obstacles left to add but still the basic building block are in and ready to go!

I am very happy with the progress as I have achieved a lot but I still have loads to do. A few things that still need to be done are the re-design of UI, I will be either using NGUI or Unity’s new UI system so that the UI can scale to all of the sizes of mobile devices. The next 6 levels need to be designed and implemented. More user testing needs to be constructed on a regular basis.

Hope you guys like my update, any questions just send them over via twitter and cheers, lets continue.

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