Pygmy Panic

Game Description: Pygmy Panic is an augmented reality, tower defense game in which the player takes on the role of a powerful deity which the pygmies worship. Now your worshipers are under attack and you must protect them.

Platform: iOS/Android Genre: Augmented Reality/Tower Defense/Shooter

Role: Level/Game Designer Date: May – Aug 2013

Level Design: 

  • Blockout level to create a space which encourages movement from the player
  • Plot routes for enemies to explore
  • Place gameplay elements in level for players to best use & take advantage of
  • Balance enemy types/Introduction of new enemies to the players
  • Working closely with art to make sure the vision is realized


Game Design:

  • Designing Enemy types, that provide their own unique challenge
  • Designing Ammo types, how the ammo could very and offer pros and cons to force players to switch
  • Balancing game pacing