Tom Clancy’s The Division

Game Description: The Division is a third-person tactical shooter action role-playing game, in which the player takes on the role of a Division agent, who must restore order to a broken New York.

Platform: PS4/XboxOne Genre: RPG/Action/Multiplayer

Role: Jr Technical LD Date: May 2014 – Mar 2016

Technical Level Design:

  • Set-up custom LD Nodes, which would speed up level designers work
  • Created Template (Prefabs) of Open world mission which other LD’s could place around and customise
  • Rational Level Design OW events, to create more distinct feelings between each event type
  • Worked closely with AI designers to help best setup guidelines for Enemy Archetypes
  • Helped to support LD the best I could with optimising the scripting side of their workload

Level Design:

  • LD District owner of Turtle Bay
  • Worked on setting up the OW, to make sure all was prepared with correct metrics and cover
  • Designing and blocking out space for players to use for side missions
  • Creating Safe Houses in which players can use for resting spots
  • Working alongside Enviro Art to make sure the full vision of the game was realized
  • Distributing collectibles for players to find