Truck License 2

Platform: Android

Genre:  Simulation/Time Trial

Role: Jr Game Developer

Description: Players take on the role of a truck driver as they start their journey by obtaining their license then venturing through the city and helping the citizens. Players will make their way around multiple towns on dangerous trails to deliver the supplies before the time runs out.

Contribution: I took the PC build and optimised/re-designed it for the mobile platform. The control scheme and all the other game logic was created with C# and Javascript.  I re-worked on some of the levels, I tried to build upon what the others hand done before me by re-using mechanics/areas as well trying to shorten the levels due to it being a casual game and average play times for casual games.

Achievements:  Truck License 2 reached two app charts No. 66 in ‘Top new free games’ and No.272 in ‘Top Free Games’