I am extremely passionate about game and level design! One of my favorite elements of design is crafting the space for gameplay. Each game has its own specific mechanics, but the player will not be able to enjoy them to the fullest unless the space facilitates the best use of mechanics. To build on the design even further is to tie in both the level themes with the use of the mechanics to enhance the story of the game.t

The second is in how we leave subconscious clues for the players to pick up and lead them to the correct location. Such as lighting, level composition, and object placement. Getting this right takes a lot of time, testing but once correct it helps the flow reach brilliance

During my career, I have had the incredible opportunity to not only work on titles in multiple genres but use a range of tools and software to create these experiences. Because of this, I have become proficient in different editors and software which help me best sell my vision through prototyping but also that of creating the final products.