The Division – Underground DLC

Game Description:  Enemy factions have created strongholds underground. Players now take the fight to them in procedurally generated dungeons

Platform: PS4/XboxOne Genre: RPG/MMO-Shooter

Role: Level Designer Date: Mar – Jun 2016

Level Design Blockout: 

  • Paper Design – Create 2D maps of the new rooms (levels) how they could be designed to fit our level generation system
  • Blockout Rooms – Using our LD Kit, create rooms which would support multiple entrances, combat, traversal, enemy reinforcements, clear spacing for multiple objectives
  • Working with Art – Communicating with art regularly so they had a clear vision of what the space was as well as the gameplay intent. Making sure their vision artistically was also realized

Level Design Scripting:

  • Spawn Enemies/plan their patrol routes
  • Make sure correct variables were exposed to allow the l generating system to work correctly
  • Setup Gameplay devices in each room to allow for gameplay variation