The Division – Underground DLC

Platform; PS4/XboxOne/PC

Genre: RPG/Action/Multiplayer

Role: Level Designer

Description: Enemy factions have created strong holds underground. Players now takes the fight to them in procedurally generated dungeons


My role as a level designer for the Underground was to first plan out the levels for the dungeons. Taking into consideration the purpose of these levels, was it a combat or traversal room. After the initial paper design I carried out research on the theme of the level to make sure I had a greater understanding of the purpose of the theme as well as the flow of the tiny details. I then discussed with my artist what we believe is possible in the time frame we had, communicating with them as a white boxed the level so all the cover could contextualise make sense and help us make sense of the area.


While building the levels we had to keep in mind space for spawners and objectives. As then we had to link all of these objective objects into the script to allow these levels to connect to others for the mission.




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