Tom Clancy’s The Division

Platform: PS4/XboxOne

Genre: RPG/Action/Multiplayer

Role: Jr Technical Level Designer

Description: The Division is a third-person tactical shooter action role playing game, in which the player takes on the role of a Division agent.


Technical Level Design- My role as a tech LD was to create the templates for the open world encounters as well as creating the compound nodes for other LDs to use. This meant I designed the events from paper design with game design and narrative to the final stage with art and animation. I worked closely with other LDs taking on their feedback to provide enough options for them to add their own flare to the events.    





Level Design – I worked in the open world of the game in the sub district of Turtle Bay. I worked along side my artist to create a beautiful yet engaging area full of collectables and encounters. For the combat areas I tried to keep in mind, flanking routes, verticallity, scouting out area, approachable on multiple angles and kept it appealing for all play styles.    

There was also the task of creating interesting spaces for players that were not combat. I worked with artist to create micro stories in the world to help enrich the lore. As well as traversal puzzles to find loot/collectables 




Achievements:  One of the most anticipated games of 2015. Over 100 E3 Awards. 


Side Mission – Supply Drop 

Turtle bay Virus Research

Turtle Bay Hostage Rescue


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