The Results

Hey guys,

I am sorry it has been a long long long lllooooonnnnngggggg time since I last posted. I have been extremely busy with the end of university and moving forward to the next chapter of my life. This is no excuse but as the title says I am going to be talking to about ‘the results’ of Chest Quest and my hard work.

So I did what I set out to do with ‘Chest Quest’ and completed 3 levels with a working menu and UI. The overall feedback of the game was very positive as people saw where it could go and the future. However there is still a lot of work to do with the game and I am not finished with it. I intend to release the game later this year/early next year. I got into ExpoTees (ExpoTees is an exhibition from Teesside University where the tutors select the best students to show their work, and at the end of the expo participants are entered into their course award for best animator, artist, web-developer, etc.) and at the end of Expo I won the award for Game Design.


This was a great honour for me as it showed that all my hard work paid of! I wouldn’t of been able to achieve this with out the help of my tutors, class mates, friends and family.

This is not all that happened to me over my silent period as any one who follows me on twitter (@MaxPears) or is connected on LinkedIn will know I am now a Jr Level Designer at Ubisoft Reflections which is so amazing, it’s a dream come true for me 😀 .

These are the results of hard work and I will be posting more about Chest Quest very soon as well as a mini post series about breaking into the industry.

Thanks and lets re-continue