Pygmy Panic


Platform: iOS

Genre: Augmented Reality/Tower Defence/Shooter

Role: Team Lead/Level/Game Designer

Description: Dare to be a god! Pygmy Panic is an augmented reality, tower defence game in which the player takes on the role of a powerful deity which the pygmies worship. One day their village is attacked by the brute race!

The player must protect the pygmy shaman as the brutes try to kidnap him. The player can use his almighty powers and rain down with different types of ammo.

Contribution:  My role in group was the team lead and level designer. I made sure everyone kept to their schedule and we met all of our milestones. Keeping communication between team members and making sure that we all had a unified vision of what we want the game to be. Another task of mine was to get publicity to the team and our product, as a team we also discussed business and marketing strategies.

As the designer and level designer I came up with core mechanics for the game with the ammo and enemy types. I also came up with ideas on how we could force the player to move around the environment, by using trees, walls and clouds. I designed both levels and worked closely with our artist for the block outs. This way we could communicate about any issues from the design or art side. Once we had all the features working I worked on the feel of the game, where what went, pacing of the game with what enemies and how many per wave etc.

Achievements: Dare to be Digital Finalist

Video Links: 

Game Play:   


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